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2017 Volvo S90 First Drive: Stretching the Point

Honest, straightforward, thoughtful and practical, of course. Sturdy, stalwart, rugged and safe, youbetcha. Oh yes, especially safe. But beautiful or, if that’s a bit too gushy for you, handsome? Well, you probably haven’t heard those last descriptors used in conjunction with a Volvo in like . .
Sat, 09/10/2016 - 00:36

Scandinavian Sanctuary | 2016 Volvo XC90 Driven

The Volvo XC90 is all-new for 2016.
Sun, 05/24/2015 - 05:36

How to Change the Water Pump on a Volvo 740

In Volvo 740, a water pump is used to flow coolant through the engine’s cooling system in order to keep the engine safe form overheating. The water pump can experience water or antifreeze leakage which means that it needs to be changed as soon as possible.
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 19:12

How to Replace Rear Lights in a 1990 Volvo

Replacing the rear lights of a vehicle is considered as the most common maintenance task. It may need replacement due to bulb when it pops otherwise because of the entire lens damaged. Here is described how to replace rear lights in a1990 Volvo. Things you’ll need:
Mon, 09/14/2009 - 18:08

Ford finals deal to sell Volvo to Geely for $1.8 billion

The vice president of Ford, Lewis Booth and chairman of Geely Li Shufu announced in a press conference in Gothenburg, Sweden that the companies have finalized a deal for selling Volvo to the Chinese manufacturer.
Thu, 07/01/2010 - 22:09

Volvo C30 Electric Details

As their first electric car, Volvo is very proud of the C30 electric. They’ve been sharing with us stories of the car in every step of the tests and development.
Fri, 10/11/2013 - 18:43

2010 Volvo C30 – A Standard Sedan

The conventional Volvo has transformed from the typical shape of squared corners and pointed lines to a new magnificent 2010 Volvo C30. You can’t easily guess that the new model in the market is of Volvo or not because it has rounded smooth edges now.
Wed, 07/28/2010 - 16:07

2011 Volvo S60 1.6 GTDi

Volvo Cars announced a new variant of the 2011 S60 sedan, and its estate version V60, powered by a brand new and very efficienct 1.6 liter GTDi petrol engine.
Sun, 08/29/2010 - 23:04

2011 Volvo V60 Price

The official pricing for the 2011 Volvo V60, estate variant of the magnificent S60, has been confirmed by the Swedish/Chinese company.
Fri, 09/24/2010 - 16:02

2012 Volvo XC90 Update

The aging Volvo XC90 is still going strong ten years since it was first introduced, and although the Swedish company updates and refreshes it once in a while, it still looks pretty much the same as say one. Here’s what they’ve come up with for 2012, and apart from some new wheels, a revised grile a
Sun, 04/15/2012 - 03:11