2011 Volvo V60 Price

Fri, 09/24/2010 - 16:02

The official pricing for the 2011 Volvo V60, estate variant of the magnificent S60, has been confirmed by the Swedish/Chinese company.

According to Volvo, the new V60 can be had with six different engines including two diesels and four petrol. Petrol engines enter the range with the 1.6-litre T3, 1.6-litre T4, 2.0-litre petrol engine powers the T5, and the flagship version is the all-wheel-drive T6 petrol model with Geartronic gearbox. Featuring a 304PS 3.0-litre engine.

Diesels include a 2.0 and a 2.4 liter unit with 163PS and 400Nm and 205PS with 420Nm respectively.

There’s three trim levels for you to choose from, while standard equipment on all new Volvo V60 models starting with the new ES variant includes Electronic Climate Control, Cruise Control, 5? colour screen as part of the new Infotainment system, Information Centre, floor mats, Passenger Airbag Cut-Off Switch, steering wheel remote audio controls, alloy wheels and leather steering wheel and gear stick.  In addition six-speaker Performance Sound Audio System, 16? alloy wheels and charcoal trim are also standard.


All-new Volvo V60 Prices (OTR)
D3 (163 PS) ES £24,960
D5 (205 PS) ES £27,115
T3 (150 PS) ES Start/Stop £23,145
D3 (163 PS) SE £26,960
D3 (163 PS) SE Premium £28,960
D5 (205 PS) SE £29,115
D5 (205 PS) SE Premium £31,115
T3 (150 PS) SE Start/Stop £25,145
T3 (150 PS) SE Premium Start/Stop £27,145
T4 (180 PS) SE Premium Start/Stop £28,675
T5 (240 PS) SE Premium £30,470
T6 AWD (304 PS) SE Geartronic Premium £36,845
SE Lux
D3 (163 PS) SE Lux £28,760
D3 (163 PS) SE Lux Premium £30,010
D5 (205 PS) SE Lux £30,915
D5 (205 PS) SE Lux Premium £32,165
T3 (150 PS) SE Lux Start/Stop £26,945
T3 (150 PS) SE Lux Premium Start/Stop £28,195
T4 (180 PS) SE Lux Premium Start/Stop £29,725
T5 (240 PS) SE Lux Premium £31,520
T6 AWD (304 PS) SE Lux Geartronic Premium £37,895
D3 (163 PS) R-DESIGN £27,510
D3 (163 PS) R-DESIGN Premium £28,760
D5 (205 PS) R-DESIGN £29,665
D5 (205 PS) R-DESIGN Premium £30,915
T3 (150 PS) R-DESIGN Start/Stop £25,695
T3 (150 PS) R-DESIGN Premium Start/Stop £26,945
T4 (180 PS) R-DESIGN Premium Start/Stop £28,475
T5 (240 PS) R-DESIGN Premium £30,270
T6 AWD (304 PS) R-DESIGN Geartronic Premium £36,645

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