Skoda Fabia R2 Rally

Thu, 09/29/2011 - 03:54
Skoda decided to bring rally to the masses with the new Fabia R2 rally car. Designed for rally category R2, this Fabia is pretty much based on the production model and is tarted up and specially prepared for the sport. Skoda themselves are the title holder for 2010 International Rally Championship, but to make sure the R2 is up to the highest standards, they’ve contracted it to a motorpsort specialist to build and make sure it complies with FIA regulations. The best thing about this car is affordability as a complete Fabia R2 Rally car costs around 62,000 euros. That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually no money in motoracing. Skoda Fabia R2 rally car is powered by a 1.6-litre 16 valve engine producing 132 kW and 194 Nm of torque @ 5,500 rpm. It has a five-speed sequential transmission that sends the power to the front wheels. There’s no words if you can order it with 4WD as well, but of course that wouldn’t go well with the R2 regulations! Press Release: With the Fabia R2, Skoda is introducing a new rally car in the market, which is to be used in the rally category R2. The car was developed, extensively tested, and prepared to its use in rallies for almost two years. In principle, the Fabia R2 is based on the  series model of the popular small car, but there are significant differences in its engine, undercarriage, axle kinematics, and gearbox. Compared to the series model, the undercarriage was changed considerably and the axle kinematics was adapted for its application in motor sports. Furthermore, the Fabia R2 possesses a sequentially operated gearbox. Under the hood, a powerful 1.6 l 16V engine puts out 132 kW. The maximum torque amounts to 194Nm at 5500 rpm. The price of the new Fabia R2 is around 62,000 EUR.In cooperation with Skoda the independent motor sports specialist Impromat Car was responsible for the development of the car. Impromat Car will also assume the distribution of the vehicle. An important task was the optimization of the driving dynamics for the use in motor sports. For that purpose, the undercarriage was designed according to rally specifications. And with great success: in February of this year, the homologation by the FIA was approved. Last year, the car also appeared in the role of the pace car at the Rally Bohemia and at the Barum Czech Rally. Jan Hurt, the Skoda manager for sales and marketing for the Central and Eastern European region, explains: “It’s great that from now on, we’re offering a rally vehicle for a wider range of customers looking for a reliable and affordable race car. Given our successful tradition and development in motor sports beyond the Czech Republic, the new Fabia R2 is just a logical result of our activities. I’m sure that the model will be as successful as the Fabia Super 2000 already is today. We are convinced that Fabia R2 will help us establishing our positions both in the field of sports as well as in business,” Hurt concluded.The Fabia R2 is another important element in the mosaic of motor sports activities of the Czech manufacturer. ?koda is among the most successful brands in rally sports today and won the prestigious International Rally Challenge (IRC) series as well as numerous other national titles.Technical Data of the Fabia R2:Engine: naturally aspirated engine 1.6 l 16V / 132 kWDisplacement: 1,598 cm3 Maximum output in kW at rpm: 132 / 7,500 Maximum torque in Nm at rpm: 194 / 5,500 Engine electronics: Magneti-Marelli Drive: Front wheel drive Gearbox: sequential five-gear transmission by Sadev

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