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Skoda Superb Combi Laurin & Klement

Czech car maker, and subsidiary of Volkswagen group, Skoda has come up with a unique version of the Superb Combi estate car equipped with exclusive design package Laurin & Klement. Also available for sedan, the Laurin & Klement design package adds an air of quality and exclusivity to the Su
Sun, 01/29/2012 - 21:49

Skoda Yeti Urban Limited Edition

Skoda Yeti is among the most popular family cars in the UK. It does a very nice blend of a SUV and an estate, all wrapped up in one. No to celebrate its success, Skoda announced a limited edition of 750 units Yeti Urban Edition for the British market.
Wed, 09/19/2012 - 02:04

2011 Skoda Octavia and Superb 4x4 Price

For the new version of the hatchback and estate Superb, Octavia Estate and Octavia Scout equipped with 2.0 TDI CR 140bhp engine with automatic DSG transmission, Skoda is offering a new 4×4 system.
Fri, 07/23/2010 - 21:54

2011 Skoda Yeti 4x4

Skoda has announced a new edition of their lovely Yeti crossover equipped with 4-wheel-drive system. They say this model offers the same efficiency and practicality but with above-average space, high carrying capacity and a powerful towing capability has raised the stakes considerably.
Wed, 09/22/2010 - 08:33

New Diesel Engine For Skoda Superb and Octavia

Skoda is now offering the whole range of Superb and Octavia including sedan and combi with an new 2.0 TDI CR 103kW with four-wheel drive and automatic DSG transmission. 4WD system is particularly popular with the Superb Combi as every fifth Combi sold is a four-wheel drive.
Fri, 07/23/2010 - 21:56

Skoda Celebrates 14 million Vehicles

Czech car maker Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, achieved a very remarkable milestone as the 14millionth car rolled off the production lines at the Czech plant at Kvasiny earlier this week. The clebratory car is a ‘Laurin & Klement’ Superb special edition vehicle is designated for delivery to
Fri, 09/16/2011 - 21:13

Skoda Citigo NCAP Rating

Skoda’s little Citigo city car has been awarded with five-star safety rating by EuroNCAP. That is hardly surprising because the car is based on the VW up! which has also got the max score from the organization and has received the highest possible rating in its class.
Sun, 01/01/2012 - 08:33

Skoda Fabia Greenline Sets Economy Record

Here’s another proof that a diesel-powered car can be miles more efficient than expensive and ugly hybrids!
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 17:38

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Edition

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo is a new special edition of the hatchback designed to celebrate a number of occasions.
Wed, 11/09/2011 - 06:14

Skoda Fabia R2 Rally

Skoda decided to bring rally to the masses with the new Fabia R2 rally car. Designed for rally category R2, this Fabia is pretty much based on the production model and is tarted up and specially prepared for the sport.
Thu, 09/29/2011 - 03:54