Why You Should Leave Modern Car Repair to the Professionals

Sat, 08/24/2019 - 17:48
In times past, it was easy for someone to do all the maintenance on their own car. Whether it was something as simple as changing the oil or something as complex as doing an entire engine replacement, car repairs were fairly easy, provided you had the right tools. Now, of course, with the advent of the computer age, gone are the days of popping the hood to fix a mysterious squeak coming from your engine. There are several reasons why you should leave modern car repair to the professionals. After all, modern engines have progressed over the past couple of decades. From the advent of the OBD sensor ports that connect to a simple onboard computer, to the nearly entirely computer controlled Tesla electric cars, things have become a little more complicated. Modern cars demand facilities with the high-end diagnostic equipment necessary to fix the things that can go wrong. These high-end repair shops bear a scarce resemblance to the mechanic shops of old. Gone are the hanging bulbs in yellow cages and grease-stained coveralls. In their place are brightly lit fluorescent bays and technicians in custom-made uniforms. Concrete floors have made way for shining anti-skid linoleum and pristine electric lifts serve to move cars to serviceable heights. There are numerous reasons why owners of high-end luxury and performance cars should be utilizing the service of a properly equipped and licensed repair shop. Not only does it alleviate an owner of the headache of trying to get their car repaired on a timely basis, it also ensures that their car is in the right hands. Additionally, high-end repair shops often have their own machine shops, allowing them to individualize parts and get the best performance possible out of a vehicle. Here are three great reasons to book your next repair or tune-up for your high-end car at a reputable performance shop. 1. Time-Saving and Planning – Modern shops have done away with hand-written appointment books, relying on an automotive shop management software dashboard to schedule new appointments, as well as estimate how long a given repair will take. This is one primary benefit to a car owner. No longer do you have to hope that your car will be fixed in a certain time frame. Thanks to detailed repair manuals with step by step directions, high-end auto repair shops know exactly how long a specific repair will take. If a shop says that your Tesla S will take 45 minutes to fix an issue, you can be certain you’ll be driving out in an hour. 2. Specifically Trained Technicians – Another benefit to modern car owners is that there are so many different types of engine designs now that it’s infeasible to learn how to repair them on their own. In the past, if someone knew how to fix a Chevy 305, they could pretty much figure their way around any carbureted engine. Now with hybrid and electric cars nearly everywhere, trying to repair one takes more than a little know-how. To make repairing a car even more complicated, multiple companies are starting to engineer self-driving vehicles. Imagine trying to repair one of those at home. Car companies run training programs so that the technicians working on their vehicles are authorized and licensed. This means the cars being repaired and worked on are being done by professionals specifically trained to do so. This lets a car owner know that when they’re taking their Maserati in to be worked on, the technicians have gone through the training necessary to fix it properly. 3. Performance – The third benefit to car owners when they use an authorized high-end car shop comes in performance. While there are several tweaks an owner can do themselves, a car enthusiast doesn’t purchase a Bugatti and not want to eke all the torque and horsepower they can from it. The trained technicians are able to use specific – and often proprietary – programs to optimize a vehicle’s performance based on how it’s being driven. Whether it’s something as simple as tweaking a car’s alignment or as complicated as adjusting a part’s shape to an extremely narrow tolerance, a high-end car shop can help a high-performance car be the best it can be.

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