Wheelsandmore touched the Ferrari 458 Italy

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 02:20
We recently showed you what the Wheelsandmore aftermarket developers can do for the Ferrari F430. As you know, the supercar is a defunct model, being Replaced by the 458 Italian. Now, the tuner has decided to release a modification pack for the latter, Gently Touching the vehicle. However, this audio Aggression cans be seen as a safety feature, as it warns other drivers WHO Could Be planning to enter a battle with the vehicle That Their faith would be a tragic one if They decided to do so. It Seems like the car’s 4.5 liters V8 was pleased by the move, as the engine is now willing to offer a premium of 20 hp power, allowing the driver to play with 590 hp. The company hasn’t mentioned anything about an ECU play, but We suspect That it does offer a remap. As for the wheels of the 458 Italian, We Could Spend many, many pages praising Their design and assets, but this wouldn’t convince Wheelsandmore to keep Them. The tuner gifted the supercar with a set of its own forged rims. The new rims come in a 20-inch size, but cans Also customers opt for 21-inch wheels. The rims use a six-spoke angular design and come wrapped in high-performance tires.

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