Ways of Transport Used by Car Transporters

Fri, 07/02/2010 - 10:50

Car transporters have experience in moving cars around the world. Automobiles can be transported to another state, city or country. Specific method of movement has to be used depending on the type of vehicle or the place it is being shipped to. Different methods of payments are used by car delivery services for moving all autos depending on the request or the distance the automobile will travel. The method of transportation has to be confirmed with safety regulations and any import or export laws if the car is moving out of the country.

Car dollies

One way to move cars at a short distance are known as car dollies. If one wants to move a car and has no special requirements, this may be one way to move the car but risk potential damage has to be done from the road and other elements. This method of transportation is not recommended by many car transporters. This can also be the cheap car delivery service but the possibility of damage is high.



The enclosed containers that are high end or collectors are more for cars. They are also for cars that are to be transported to other countries. These containers secure the cars making import and export easy. The containers are sealed at the time of leaving and are not opened till they reach their destination. One way for ensuring a safe transport of the auto is to use an enclosed container. This method may be a little more expensive but it is well worth the cost for protecting the vehicle.

Rack truck transporters

Rack trucks that haul cars from one to eight cars at a time can transport cars around the country. They are inexpensive automobile transporters as the car is not contained but it is not on the road as like the case of car dolly. Companies can be found that offer these type of services from city to city and state to state.

Flat trucks

If one wants to move a car and is looking for car transporters then a company might be considered that moves vehicles in a flat truck. This transportation method might be more expensive as compared to other methods as only one vehicle is moved a t a time. Some trucks can move two vehicles because of their large size in case this is the need. A flat truck rarely moves multiple own autos unless specified by both owners.

When one decides to move a vehicle, those car transporters have to be selected that have the right method of movement that suits the requirements. If a vehicle has to be moved out of the country, the most secured way is the container. If the vehicle is being moved within the country then car dollies, flat truck or a rack truck might be considered. Every situation is different and even if the most inexpensive car transporter is selected, then still other issues like insurance and the proposed time to reach the destination have to be considered.

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