Used Car Warranties

Fri, 07/02/2010 - 04:49

If you are looking for a second hand car or a used car, this would mean that you are about to spend you hard earned income on the problem of someone else. This is the reason many avoid buying a second hand car. But if you are lucky enough to find a dealership that offers a warranty, then you might be able to save a good amount of money and you will cover some ways for the problems in case something goes wrong. Following are some tips for warranties on second hand cars.

Used Car Warranties Must Be Closely Looked At

The basic rule to make sure that you get good used car warranty is to closely look at it. The fine print should be read and it should be questioned. If not that it can be a cause of disappointment down the road. The best recommendation is to take some time and look closely at the whole agreement. It would also be good to write down any queries or questions that can come in mind and get answers before buying the car.


Used Car Certification

Some dealers offer used car certification while selling used cars which are popular in off lease models. This is usually one of the best type of warranty in the industry. The dealers fully inspects the vehicle and then offers the same type of warranty that a similar new car would be having with the age and the amount of mileage of the vehicle about to be purchased.

Purchasing A Third Party Used Car Warranty

A third party warranty can be purchased. In fact extreme caution should be taken. Every company is different, it would be good to check with the Better Business Bureau to know if there is any history of complaints. It is very important to read the fine print before signing any contract.

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