Types of Auto Transmissions

Types of Auto Transmissions

Automobile transmissions are there since 1950s after standard three-speed manuals and two-speed automatics were introduced.

With the introduction of the automatic in mass-produced vehicles, the manual developed into the base standard transmission. The automatic transmission is costly. These days, numerous different types of transmissions are found that offer the best of both versions. For instance the Ford Mustang can have Tremec T56 manual transmission


Types of Transmissions:

Among six-speed automatic and manual transmission, other types that were also introduced to send out the power from the engine to the wheels in farm tractors, scooters and Formula 1 race cars.

Paddle-shift semi-automatics are the one which make it possible to shift gears exclusive of a clutch by simply using thumb paddles on the steering wheel.

Hydramatic 6T70:

In 2002 the joint venture between General Motors and Ford introduced Hydramatic 6T70 six-speed automatic transmission. The transmission was designed with simple mechanics and it increased the fuel efficiency by 4 percent plus overall performance of a vehicle by 8 percent.

Tremec T56:

The majority performance cars such as the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang and Corvette including the Shelby Cobra Mustangs have Tremec T56 transmission. The T56 was light weight and was developed by means of aluminum die cast housing. It reduced time span between shifting through double overdrive as well as closer ratio steps.


The semi-automatic transmission got extreme popularity in last decade and it is known as clutch less manual transmission. It was electronically operated by time synchronization and needed torque while avoiding clutch pedal. Shifting gears is achieved through pushing forward or backward thumb-sized steering-wheel accumulated paddles.



The Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT is the one that can change gears by an infinite number of gear ratios and hence offers better fuel efficiency and make the engine able to run at the most efficient revolutions per minute at diverse speeds. Nissan cars had the CVT. For instance the British and afterward Chinese-built MG TF 120 roadster which had a “Sport” mode, that used CVT to allow the transmission to shift from automatic to a clutch less manual.

Direct-Shift Gearbox:

The Direct-Shift Gearbox also known as DSG is a manual transmission with dual clutch. DSG is acronym for Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe in German. DSG is also known as a direct-shift gearbox having full- or semi-automatic abilities. The DSG makes use of two autonomous clutches to achieve faster shifting as well as it abolishes the conventional torque converter. Most luxury cars, for instance the Bentley and Bugatti, have the DSG.


Porsche introduced a transmission called “manumatic” transmission which uses both the automatic and manual components into a single transmission. The driver of the vehicle is allowed to supersede the automatic by moving the shift lever to “up shift” and “downshift” positions. As a consequence, the driver decides the gear shifting rather than the automatic transmission. Similar to some other semi-automatics, several cars have paddle shifters as well. For instance in late-1960′s Volkswagens were taken as its earlier version semi-autos and called “Autostick,” although it was not too popular but still was a pioneering transmission.

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