Toyota Hilux Reach South Pole

Sun, 12/11/2011 - 13:20
Toyota Hilux managed to conquer the toughest terrain along the 4600 kilometers at the South Pole. Consists of 4 double cabin pickup unit brings several scientists from the Indian National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (INCAOR) to examine the chemical elements in snow from November 10 to December 5 2010. They departed from the air base Novo Air Base to the South Pole, go-home. To conquer a full field of obstacles to be taken for 26 days, the four Hilux has been specially modified by Arctic Trucks. Several other changes made among the legs elevated and big tires like off-road tires. Toyota official release quoted the UK, ahead of Christmas passed, Hilux able through the most extreme whether in the world that reached minus 40 degrees Celsius or lower to minus 56 degrees celsius. Do not forget also the various roads that steep terrain, slippery, uphill, to the rocky. The researchers incorporated in INCAOR admitted deliberately chose Hilux for its ability to conquer the extreme fields in the world. When traveling, Hilux proved resilient and fuel efficient, although they had operated 24 hours a day to keep the room warm. With these advantages, travel in the Antarctic region is also efficient and more effective, considering the refueling point to one another is 1,500 km. In addition, the Hilux which has a weight of 2.2 tons can transport 1.5 tons and pull the load of 3 tons. Using the Hilux, mileage expedition this time was shorter than has ever been done before with other vehicles.

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