The Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010 Model

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 16:08

The General Overview of the Vehicle;

The general appearance of the FJ Cruiser is that of a giant toy car, with its large tires, big dials and just about every other aspect of the interior design. The whole vehicle gives the impression that you’ll likely experience a fun yet very safe drive in this vehicle.

The Exterior of the FJ Cruiser;

For sure, the first impression of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is that of a life scale model of a kids toy car, in actuality the inspiration for this vehicle was the old military used FJ40 vehicle. An optional extra is something called the “Trail Teams Special Edition Package”, this basically kits the FJ Cruiser’s exterior paint work in “Sandstorm” and the hood adorns black, which is quite pleasing to the eye. An annoying feature was the extraordinarily large cargo door, it can prove to be quite a nuisance due to the amount of space require to open it.

The Interior of the FJ Cruiser;

Considering the actual size of this vehicle from the exterior, the interior in reality is less spacious than you would be left to think. The upholstery of the seats are water resistant, and rubber floor mats are situated throughout the vehicle. The dashboard is integrated with simplistic dials, a dual air conditioning system and stereo system are equally just a easy to use. The trunk/cargo bay area allows for adequate storage although yet again, smaller than you would naturally assume it to be.

Power Features of the FJ Cruiser;

The FJ Cruiser is incorporated with a V6 4.0 liter gasoline powered engine that produces 259 horsepower. It comes with an 5 speed automatic transmission as standard while a 6 speed manual transmission is available as an optional extra. It has to be said, this vehicle suffered from extremely poor fuel efficiency, which is more than likely to due the excessive weight that this vehicle has to lug around. It managed to score a dismal ranking of 17 mpg for city and 21 mpg highway, although during testing it only managed an abysmal average of 12.5 mpg for the city.

Safety Features of the FJ Cruiser;

Considering that this indestructible vehicle was built to last until the end of time, it comes as no surprise that this vehicle managed to score very impressive safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. There are a multitude of standard safety features packed into this vehicle, these include 6 airbags throughout the vehicle which are spread out over the front side impact airbags and side curtain airbags for the front and rear seats, active front head restraints, an electronic stability system with integrated traction control and anti-lock brakes. An optional extra  is the excellent backup/parking camera.

Pricing of the FJ Cruiser;

The price of the FJ Cruiser is probably the most surprising aspect of this vehicle. The rear wheel variation’s base price starts at $24,180, whilst the 4 wheel drive variation comes in at around $25,770. While this vehicle does boast quite an impressive base price it does eat up the fuel very quickly, so you have to take that into consideration.

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