The New Volkswagen Beetle 2010 Model

The New Volkswagen Beetle 2010 Model

The General Overview of the Vehicle;

Some people love, some people hate it, that is the general opinion of just about anyone who talks about the Volkswagen Beetle. The overall appearance hasn’t been radically changed in over 12 years, and sadly, it is starting to show it age now, especially on the insides of the vehicle. During the lifespan of the Beetle a few alternatives have made their appearance, so it has to compete against such models as the Mini Cooper convertible and even the its sibling, the Eos model from Volkswagen.

The Exterior of the VW Beetle;

Anyone who has enjoyed the exterior appearance of the previous models will no doubt still be please that virtually nothing has been altered on this new model. So really, very little to say about the rehashed exterior. This vehicle, as it is a convertible it’s equipped with a power retractable soft top that retracts into the rear deck of the vehicle. While this does sound great considering you save on trunk space, it does however obstruct the driver’s view some what. For around $300 you can purchase a cover for the soft top when it’s retracted into the rear deck. While the soft top is up on the other hand, it does actually perform really well against resisting general road noise and wind, this is possibly one of the best features on the new Beetle.

The Interior of the VW Beetle;

The interior of the new Beetle model is really starting to show its age, it’s still incorporated with cheaper feeling material utilized for the knobs and dials, and the plastic dashboard just doesn’t stand up to the quality that is associated with Volkswagen’s other offerings, such as the Eos, Jetta and Tiguan models. The new Beetle has a more than adequate trunk space for the size of the vehicle, with the only drawback being the little opening to the trunk space. Other features as standard include electric windows and locking system, a 10 speaker satellite radio with integrated MP3 port, imitation leather upholstery and heated front seats.

Power Features of the VW Beetle;

The Beetle is limited to only 1 choice of engine and transmission, and it’s not the quietest of engines either. It’s equipped with a 6 speed automatic transmission and a 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine that produces around 150 horsepower. Volkswagen has stated that the Beetle is able to attain speeds of 0-60 mph in 9.1 seconds. The miles per gallon estimations are rather unimpressive considering it is a compact car not a sports car model. It only managed to get a disappointing ranking of 20 for the city and 28 for the highway.

Safety Features of the VW Beetle;

The Beetle is equipped with front and side impact airbags, anti-lock brakes and an electronic stability system, these all come as standard.

Pricing of the VW Beetle;

The base price point for the new Beetle is around $25,990 and for an additional $1000 you can be treated to the “Blush Edition” this allows for the vehicle to be kitted out in real leather upholstery, a red colored soft top and a unique exterior color. The question remains though, can it contend with its rivals such as the Mini Cooper, which is much more modernized and has a more pleasing interior design, all for the same sort of money. The Beetle may have its work cut out.

Written by John

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