The Ferrari 458 Challenge 2011 Model Detailed

Thu, 08/25/2011 - 06:01
Ferrari had showcased a little surprise in the form of the brand new Ferrari 458 Challenge model, this was initially shown at the annual dealing meeting that is located in Maranello. This new vehicle impressed many onlookers with its sleek design and more powerful engine. The new Ferrari 458 Challenge, just like its predecessor, the 430 Challenger, is very closely related to the current 458 Italia model. More or less borrowed from the 458 Italia model is the impressive V8 4.5 liter engine, which produces an outstanding 562 horsepower when running at 9,000 rpm. Ferrari has altered the calibration of the gears and also the  ratios somewhat from the dual clutch 7 speed transmission within this new vehicle; this basically alters the torque curve of the vehicle, and will benefit the torque whilst traveling at lower speeds. Whether it’s a special edition model or even a brand new piece of kit, Ferrari are always pleased to equip the vehicles out in as much modern technology as it can hold, so it’s no surprise that the new 458 Challenge is treated like this. Incorporated into this new vehicle is a special type of suspension which was designed to be more race-oriented, this enables the height of the vehicle to be reduced by approximately 1.2 inches, whilst by utilizing Lexan and carbon fiber throughout this new model, Ferrari has managed to reduce the overall weight somewhat. Making its debut in Ferrari track cars, although already incorporated into regular 458 models is the elctronic differential; also know as the “E-Diff”. Some other features that have been incorporated into the new 458 Challenge is the trick “F1-Trac” traction control system, this allows the driver to alternate between 2 different settings depending on whether the conditions are wet or dry. Next generation Brembo brakes have also been equipped on this new model, these first debuted on the 599XX model. With all these upgrades and general improvements made, Ferrari has stated that when comparing the new 458 to the previous 430 model, the 458 Challenge managed to achieve a 2 second time improvement when doing laps at the test track in Fiorana. This is surely one beautifully designed and crafted machines out there. And let’s be honest, not everybody will ever have the opportunity to drive the new 458 Challenge due to its very high price tag. Ferrari has described this vehicle as available for both gentleman and professional drivers alike, they have also said that this would be unavailable for general street use. It probably wouldn’t be much fun to drive the 562 horsepower behemoth around the city, this was designed for the race track.

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