The Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 2011 Model Road Test

Wed, 10/12/2011 - 09:56
The brand new 2011 model of the Challenger SRT8 comes with a base price of $46,000. The engine is able to produce a very impressive 470 horsepower with 470 pound-foot of torque; which has been increased by 50 torque when compared with the previous model. The engine still remains painted with the “Hemi Orange” scheme. Due to the upgraded engine this new model of the SRT8 is able to attain speeds of 0-60 mph in an impressive 4.5 seconds, this is in fact 0.3 seconds faster that the previous model that was tested. This vehicle also managed to improve on the quarter mile time from the previous model, while traveling at 114 mph this vehicle attained the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds, quite impressive. The fuel efficiency for this vehicle scored 14 mpg for city and 23 mpg for highway. The first thing about the insides of the 2011 model of the Challenger SRT8 that you notice are the plastic panels adorning the 392 name. The old painted aluminum intake rams that were incorporated on the 6.1 model has been replaced with plastic intake rams now, the reason for this was to reduce costs stated by Mr. McCarthy. The new plastic intake rams is basically a 2 stage plenum with integrated air flaps, depending on the engine speed of the vehicle this will alter the length of the intake rams accordingly. The camshaft within the block now has variable timing, this can allow the opening of the intake valve to remain open for a longer period to enable for improved cylinder filling. Another enhancement on this new model is an excellent little feature that saves fuel, it manages to achieve this by deactivating cylinders within automatic transmissions models, and also a rerouted intake that has been totally revamped by computational fluid dynamics software to become more efficient. There has also been alterations from 10.3:1 to 10.9:1 of the compression ratios. It was recorded by Mr McCarthy, that exactly half of a Challenger SRT8 models that are sold are manual machines, this goes beyond the normal trend, as it’s usually more automatic transmission vehicle that are sold. There is now the incorporation of a twin-disc clutch that is situated in front of the Tremec TR-6060 6 speed transmission, this alteration enables to produce more power, whilst the pistol grip shifter throws have been reduced in size, and the internals of the rear differential now utilizes shot-peened for increased strength and durability. A few other improvements have be made to the new 2011 model, this includes a quicker steering ratio, stiffer suspension, larger anti-roll bars incorporated at the front and rear of the vehicle, summer or all-season variations of  Goodyear tires, and the inclusion of new hydro-elastic engine mounts to assist in improved control of the engine’s mass whist cornering. The design of the steering wheel has also be redone, it has been reduced in size by approximately 1 inch, with the brushed metal look central console receiving a small enhancement also. The overall improvements that have been incorporated within this new model of the Challenger, such as the engine and some subtle design features makes quite an impact. If you sample the new Challenger SRT8, you will surely be impressed with what it can achieve.

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