The CTS Coupe Concept from Cadillac

Sat, 11/09/2013 - 06:51

John Manoogian the director of exterior design of Cadillac II can’t hold himself from talking about how the CTS coupe is produced and how it differsfrom the “the CTS coupeConcept”,anabsolute hit of the North American International Auto Show (Detroit), save for adding the necessity, “If we were to build it.” All thepoor guy fromCadillac P.R. can do isto say that it’s not official, yet.

If you are a Motor Trend reader, you would know that Cadillac has been thinking about the new coupe since the Eldorado great Cadillac Ranch was sent to the sky. The latest “coupe d’etat” was designed to be even newer than those previous ideas, it’sadjusted for the 2010 model, beside a Euro-centric CTS wagon-er, estate/shooting break. (It’s said by an insider that if the coupe attracts people, they should wait till they see the wagon. Yet, it is not when that will be.CTS wagon show up hasn’t been scheduled yet for this season.)

Designer Bob Munson sketchedthe drawings ofthe coupe construction two years ago–according to Manoogian- at the time work was enclosing on the Cadillac CTS sedan to be the car of the year in 2008 Motor Trend Car.

Manoogian said thatBob sketcheda two-door, and everyone’s response at once was that there is no market for a two door car, and they doubted the benefit of doing that. The reply was simply why not give it a try.Hence, a scale model was done, grounded on Bob’s drawings. With the prompting of Chiefdesigner Ed Welburn’s, a full-size model from clay was out forMr. Lutz to see. His reaction was, ‘Wow! That’s pretty cool!’ Then everyone including Mr. Wagoner agreedon manufacturing this car.

The real change is that GM surely has a new design revival: Manoogian and the design director of Cadillac Clay Dean assure everyone thatthe CTS coupe conceptis nearly unaltered from the original drawings byMunson.Bill Mitchell and Harley Earl were the last people to get their drawings directly to manufacturing at GM.

Manoogian says thatwhen they began working on the scaled model, to what’s seen today is the sameand that their main task was to take that scaled model and turn it into a real full sized car.

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