The Best-Selling Medium-Size Sedan Cars

The Best-Selling Medium-Size Sedan Cars

In America and since 1989, medium-sized sedan cars have been the best-selling car. In the previous two decades only three brands in car manufacturing have took that title: the top-selling by 12 times Toyota Camry, the Honda Accord, the Ford Taurus. However, throughout this year Toyota has a problem in its client’s assurance, production stoppages and prompted recalls, which will Toyota 2010 task harder to achieve the 13th best-seller title. This keeps the most selling spot open to the different competitors of Camry.

Which of the following medium – sized Sedan Will You Choose?

Ford Fusion

(103125 votes) 31%

Chevrolet Malibu

(42733 votes) 13%

Honda Accord

(30146 votes) 9%

Hyundai Sonata

(105689 votes) 32%

Nissan Altima

(30123 votes) 9%

Toyota Camry

(14683 votes) 4%

Subaru Legacy

(1146 votes) 0%

Total Votes: 327645

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Hyundai Sonata a incentive introduced care in 2011, featuring great beauty and splendor in its cope style of the four door one provided by the direct injection system and an engine of 2.4-liter with automatic transmission of six-speeds. The other challenger is ne formatted Ford Fusion 2010, the winner of Motor Trend‘s esteemed Car of the Year calipers. Such changes could get back Ford in the lead if sales in completion with Camry. Having a better than even chance of success would have to be the recurrent second-best-selling Honda Accord, but no one knows if Honda can resist the new challenge and competition with it’s old 2001/2002 Accords.

We’ve collected the top seven -selling sedans, adding to them those of year 2010; Nissan Altima , Chevy Malibu and Subaru Legacy who have improved their fuel usage. We are looking forward to know which one of them merits to be a best-seller by best silence, comfortableness, utility, and delivering the space that today’s families anticipate.

Written by Bruno

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