Techniques and Safe Driving Tips in the Rain

Wed, 01/14/2009 - 07:53

It is usually a difficult task to drive during the rainy weather. This is because visibility and drivers’ perception is hindered and one can see neither other vehicles, road signs nor the road itself which are very critical aspects. Rainy seasons have been associated with many accidents which are usually preventable. It’s very important that drivers realize the film of rainy water majorly causes tires to lose traction.  Safety tips have been designed to ensure that all drivers are secure in the road such as;

You are supposed to drive at a slow pace especially when in public roads. This is because it takes time in wet seasons to adjust or stop the vehicle. Then make sure that your vehicle is enclosed within the middle lanes; this is because the running water in most cases is pooled along the outside lanes. A very efficient and proper distance should be maintained between cars to enhance perception and visibility. This is however not advisable when large trucks or Lorries are ahead of you because their tires create large sprays which decrease your vision hence less safety.

Other safety tips for driving during rainy weather include limiting the frequency of using breaks. This can be substituted by having your foot off the accelerator to slow down. It’s very important that you have your head lights on during any kind of rain, gloomy weather, and foggy conditions to enhance the sight of other drivers. Replacing old wipers and staying off the road during thunderstorms are other safety tips.

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