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How to Buy Scooters in India Guide

Scooters fan may feel delighted to know that India is considered as the scooter capital of the world as the roads in India are crowded with scooters as they are with other vehicles for instance cars and rickshaws. About eight major scooter brands are sold in the country on a wide scale.
Thu, 08/13/2009 - 05:57

How to Calculate (Miles Per Gallon) MPG Guide

Do you know how much money you spend on fuel each month? If no, then it’s something you should know, otherwise you can get into trouble in a later stage. So, better try to understand how to calculate Miles per Gallon (MPG) and do things the right way.
Sat, 07/02/2016 - 16:31

How to Calculate Gas Mileage – Gas Mileage Calculation Guide

Calculating gas mileage has a lot of advantages. After calculating the gas mileage, you will be able to plan your trips in a much better way. You can even find out how much you are able to travel with a particular amount of gas.
Sun, 07/24/2016 - 04:08

How to Change a Tire Guide

Changing tires may seem easy for you, but it’s not that easy. It’s not something you do once a year. You should check the status of the tires of your vehicle whenever you think you should. A damaged tire won’t provide grip to the vehicle, and it may even end in an accident.
Fri, 06/17/2016 - 04:49

How to Change Brake Shoes Guide

During 20s, the majority automobiles had rear drum brakes and these braking systems employ hydraulically operated shoes for applying rubbing to a drum’s interior, which causes the car to stop. Normally shoe material can exhaust promptly and hence needs to be replaced.
Sat, 08/27/2011 - 10:23

How to Change Fog Lights Guide

Have you ever driven in a place which is always surrounded with fogs? If so you might have experienced some kind of discomforts while driving through that region. The fog lights in a car can help the driver to get rid of the fogs and it will also help to prevent accidents caused due to fogs.
Sat, 07/02/2016 - 09:59

How to Change Windshield Wiper Blades Guide

Windshield wiper blades are something that people don’t take care to replace. In fact, it’s because of the less knowledge people have about replacing the Windshield Wiper Blades. Once they learn how important it is to change windshield wiper blades, they can do it on their own.
Sat, 07/23/2016 - 21:57

How to Change Your Fuel Filter Guide

What you’ll need: To change the fuel filter of your vehicle you will probably require the following things:
Wed, 03/06/2019 - 13:20

How to Check Your Car’s Oil Guide

Don’t you think you should check your car’s oil? Just like fuel, oil is also important for your car. It has to be checked on a regular basis; otherwise it’s going to seriously affect the performance of your car on the road.
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 15:20

How to Check Your Tire Pressure Guide

Most of us don’t have the habit of checking tire pressure of our vehicle. Actually this is something we all should do regularly. It has a lot to do with our lives. If the tire pressure is not up to its mark, then danger can happen and once happened, there is no use of feeling sorry about it.
Sat, 09/24/2011 - 04:10