Suzuki Launches New Solio Small in Japan

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 02:41

Suzuki Motor Corp. reportedly has just introduced a new mini-MPV called Suzuki Solio.

Suzuki Solio has a length of 3710 mm, and according to the plan will goes on sale in Japan in early January next year.

Japanese home-made car manufacturer will use a capacity for 1200 cc engine that can generates power of 91 hp.

The machine will then be combined with automatic CVT transmission and using a front-wheel drive. In addition, Suzuki also brings four-wheel drive version as an option.

Suzuki parties feel confident with its newest product, the evidence they target can sells the Solio as many as 12,000 units per year.

Not only that, Suzuki Solio also rumored to be made to the Mitsubishi brand. As is known Suzuki and Mitsubishi often make the same car with different brands.

Under the agreement, Suzuki will make 800 units per month to Mitsubishi Suzuki Solio.

But not explained in more detail about fuel consumption of the claimed efficient cars, as well as the selling price of Suzuki Solio.

Title: Suzuki Launches New Solio Small in Japan

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