Subaru Advanced Tourer In Full

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 20:33

Subaru designer must be proud of themselves because of this magnificent car. The Advanced Tourer is simply amazing in design and technology, especially for a car maker with a lineup of frankly dull-looking cars!

This C-segment class car was developed as a new-generation sports wagon providing both superior driving performance and utility. It features an innovative exterior design not found in conventional wagon models and expert wagon utility Subaru has cultivated over the years. The well established sports power unit, the Horizontally-Opposed Subaru Boxer engine, is now with direct fuel injection.

This highlight mixed with Subaru’s downsizing concept and original Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) expertise has enabled Subaru to make considerable progress on its unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) technology. An even sportier driveability and advanced environmental friendliness are both attainable in this new concept car.

Details in Subaru press release below:

Exterior Design

Subaru’s brand statement ‘Confidence in Motion’ is portrayed in the outward design as well. The dynamic yet sleek look promises an enthusiastic drive, while the cabin offers all the usability of a C-segment wagon. A flowing line on the side surfaces augments the stylish design calling to mind a coupe style car.

Interior Design

In pursuit of Subaru’s human-centered philosophy, all passengers are assured a safe and pleasant ride in a comfortable and quality interior.

An entire roof made of glass adds to the spacious feel. Various textures such as wood and metal are incorporated into the inside layout to produce ample ambiance.

A large monitor is built into the steering wheel allowing access to maps, television and internet services. Information will be available at hand to support contemporary lifestyles even in the car.

Downsized direct fuel injection turbo engine

The downsized direct fuel injection turbo engine is one of the principal technologies that will guide Subaru’s engine strategy in the future. Not only is acceleration quick and smooth with the new-generation Horizontally-Opposed engine, it is environmentally friendly. The direct fuel injection system which injects necessary amounts of fuel into the cylinders at appropriate moments, and a turbo system which efficiently supplies large amounts of air into the cylinders, along with the downsizing of current turbo engine displacements (2,500cc and 2,000cc) to 1,600cc drastically improve combustion efficiency at practical driving-speed range compared to the existing turbo engine.

High torque compatible Lineartronic (CVT)

Lineartronic is Subaru’s continuously variable transmission device designed for the new era. It is the world’s first longitudinally-mounted chain drive CVT to be utilized in mass-produced AWD passenger cars. For the concept car, the Lineartronic was refined to satisfy the high-power output turbo engine.

Hybrid system

Subaru’ s original hybrid system has been developed to harmonize with the Symmetrical AWD technology, another one of its specialties, and to further enhance its appeal. A single motor system was employed for its simple structure and light weight.

This system has an Electric Vehicle (EV) mode which allows AWD motion using only the motor at start-ups and low-speed drives. When decelerating, the regenerating mechanism uses the motor as a power generator.


Subaru’s advanced driving assist system EyeSight (Version 2), well received since its release in May 2010, has made further progress. The recognition range of the stereo camera has expanded considerably, both in width and depth.


  • Length x Width x Height: 4,580mm x 1,840mm x 1,430mm
  • Engine type: 1.6 liter Horizontally-Opposed direct fuel injection turbo engine
  • Transmission type: High torque compatible Lineartronic
  • Drive train: Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive with hybrid system
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion battery

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