SSC Ultimate Aero II

Wed, 09/22/2010 - 02:33

When Bugatti revealed the new SuperSport version of the Veyron and reclaimed the title of world’s fastest production cars everybody was happy except the guys from Shelby Supercars!

They promised they will be back with a new weapon to regain this title, and they kept their word.

Here’s the first flick of SSC Ultimate Aero II which is passing the very last phases of testings and will be soon ready for the big challenge. It’s created by Jason Castriota and apart from everything, looks much better than the old model. It’s a huge leap forward for SSC to match the mighty Veyron.

There’s on word on how much horsepower this car will produce, but since as the Veyron SS has 1,200 hp and is capable of 268 mph, the Aero II should have more power in order to go faster.

The last Aero was faster than the Buga but somehow it didn’t have the finesse of the Veyron. The new does!

Jalopnik via MW

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