smart iPad App

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 01:13

The little smart city car finally gets its very own app available now for iPad users free of charge.

Beside offering the usual features of an app including publicity materials and stuff, smart’s iPad app is also like an eBook, an interactive eBook that can add their own contributions and continue writing the story together with smart. So it’s constantly updated and always has something new for you!

The wide topics range from society and politics to philosophy, science, lifestyle and communication.

Film, fashion, architecture, environment and mobility – iPad users can write their own contributions in all the areas that move people and the world and they can share their thoughts, opinions and convictions with others.

We want to use the new smart iPad app to create a platform where people can examine the world in a creative way, write down their views and share and discuss them with others. This will create a unique kaleidoscope which reflects the diversity of people and their ideas”, says Dr. Annette Winkler, head of smart.

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