Smart ForTwo Version Dakar-Ready

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 19:54
Smart ForTwo has been transformed into a monster that can bulldoze off the road. Smart ForTwo with Feber Team will engage in racing the Dakar Rally 2013. Smart ForTwo Dakar will be ridden by Jose Luis Alvarez. This car has been modified in order to enter the competition a total of Rally vicious. Seen from the side of the body Smart ForTwo Dakar completely redesigned chassis with fiber and reinforced with metal bones that support the stability and security of the driver. While the other panels, such as pillars and glass overhauled to match the heavy field that will be pursued. And the most notable changes are in the suspension. Where the addition of the legs adds to the standard ground clearance two passenger cars. Consequently, the overall height of the Smart ForTwo Dakar reaches 188 cm. In addition, the application of off road rims and Maxxis tires and four-wheel drive system also support the ability to roam wild. Although technically not accompanied by debris on the engine, but the ForTwo Dakar version is capable launched to 120 km / h. Pretty good considering the rally event is not put speed alone, but also shrewdness driver in determining the direction and runs rough terrain. Feber Team wishes to bring the Smart ForTwo to follow the Dakar Rally Dakar 2013 which held on January 5 to 20 will have delayed. This is because Alvarez does not have enough funds yet

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