smart fortwo Limited Silver

Mon, 11/08/2010 - 22:29

the smart city car project has nor been a huge success in its early days, but thanks to a number of reasons such as global warming, strict emission rules and fuel prices, it survived.

It survived and became a popular car in Europe where most of the people want a tiny but classy car which is also light on fuel.

Since the smart is a fashionable car, it also spawned a huge number of special editions. Basically these special models feature a number of useless extras and a bigger price tag. This one right here is the latest of the pack, smart Limited Silver Edition.


The main feature of this car is the exterior color which can be either silver or gray, but also comes with Brabus 15-inch Monoblock VII and bumper-mounted LED lights.

Then there’s the interior where it comes with a lockable glove box (wow!), enhanced 9-CD audio player with MP3, and Smart Drive kit for iphone and ipod connectivity. This treatment for the 71 hp hybrid model cost nearly 13,000 euros.

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