Smart ForTwo chocolate for Valentine’s Day 2011

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 20:41
Tadaaki Wakamutsu, designer jewelry and chocolate artist Q-Pot in Japan has prepared a special gift as the Smart ForTwo chocolates to greet Valentine’s Day 2011. Daimler AG’s two-passenger car that doubles as candy Tadaaki not real, only the Smart ForTwo car body color coated brown and gold, so similar to the sweet that kids love. Then, on the side of the car body given chocolate bars and wheels also painted a matching body. Smart ForTwo chocolates are also sold in Japan for 2.36 million yen ($28,000), more expensive than the standard model priced 1.84 million yen ($22,000). Smart ForTwo this chocolate could be an alternative gift for those who want something different to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2011.

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