Sebastian Vettel Music Video

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 19:13

After starring in a frankly stupid kung fu film for Infiniti, Sebastian Vettel makes a fool of himself all over again by playing a pointless role in an Infiniti-sponsored music video for an R&B artist.

Although Infiniti says Vettel is like the a modern-day James Dean in this video, he is not. For one thing Dean was much better looking, more talented in acting, and probably more talented in driving as well. Also he wouldn’t become a corporate beyotch after he made it to the top for the sake of money. Alright, to be fair it’s Red Bull and Infinit making Vettel doing these stuff, but can say no to them. He can leave the bloody team.

The video is the latest in the ‘Infiniti Inspired Performers’ series, which sees Red Bull Racing drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber collaborating with other top performers in different discipline.


Infiniti press release:

Double Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel has taken on a driving job with a difference – starring in a music video with Double Grammy-winning US R&B star and protégé of Jay-Z, Melanie Fiona.

The Red Bull Racing driver and Infiniti Global Ambassador plays a central part in the official global music video for Fiona’s track ‘Watch Me Work’, from her album ‘The MF Life’ on Universal Records. The high-energy piece, set in downtown New York, sees Vettel play a modern day James Dean character searching to find an underground location for Fiona and her band to perform. Vettel emerges driving a red Infiniti G37 convertible to an enormous warehouse space, powering up the lights and the sound system, and taking control of the volume. Happy with his work, Vettel’s character departs the scene and is seen driving into the Manhattan sunrise.

It’s the first time that Canadian-born Melanie Fiona has featured a sports star in one of her videos. She is no stranger to collaborations though, having worked with Jay-Z, co-written songs with Rihanna and toured with Kanye West amongst others. She is also no stranger to Inspired Performance – her family have owned Infiniti cars for years meaning Melanie has grown up with the brand.

Commenting on the video, Sebastian Vettel said: “It was a great experience to shoot a music video, and certainly very different to what I’m used to. But music is without question an inspiration to many and I’m very proud to have been part of this. I think the lyrics are quite fitting to what we can all do if we put our mind to it.”

Melanie Fiona added: “It’s not often you get the chance to be driven by an F1 World Champion and when the opportunity came up to have Seb driving me in the video I was like, yes please! This is one of my favourite songs and one that I’ve been wanting to put out for a while so to have him involved was great.”

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