Saline Bird Concept The Superbike future

Thu, 03/22/2012 - 18:22
A group of automotive designers from the Institut Superieur de Design (ISD) in the town of Valenciennes, France, has created a creation of a futuristic motorcycle concept called the Saline Bird. This Bird Saline dikreasikan as a racing motorcycle engine that uses environmentally friendly. The concept is the result of hours of hard work from not one, but a group of approximately Experienced designers from the ISD of Valenciennes (France): Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo, Adrien Fuinel, Frederic Dobbelstein and Jean-Philippe Paries . Motor body that looks stout and strong carbon fiber is coated frame established in such a way that makes the rider sit in the same position with a skier. It is intentionally made ??for this motor has better aerodynamics. The motorcycle is powered by a three-tank air engine with a total capacity for 27 liters. Uniquely, this motor can be disassembled body pairs according to the mood of the rider. So the appearance of this motor can be instantly changed. Beside the body, the bike handlebars can be replaced. Technical partners of this project including MDI (machine), LUXFER (air tank) and BRM.

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