Saab is officially bankrupt

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 11:10

Saab, the Swedish car manufacturer has declared bankruptcy. Swedish court to decide the Saab bankruptcy after rescue efforts during the last 9 months a total failure.

Saab bankruptcy court has previously refused and asked the company was seeking new investors. And new investors from China actually came in to buy Saab.

But the final proposal submitted by the Zhejiang Youngman Lotus of China Automobile rejected by one of the owners of General Motors.

The rejection of GM because they fear the technology transfer to China. Saab, has been producing cars for 64 years. But lately declining car sales.

Earlier Saab which had been the first brand under General Motors, not GM be removed because it is sold to a Dutch sports car company Spyker in 2010 the last.
But it still could boost Saab performance, in recent months, Saab difficulty paying salaries to its employees, even in August, Saab can not afford to give its employees a salary.

Since April 2011, the Saab factory in Sweden no longer build cars because parts suppliers refused to supply spare parts before they are paid.

For you the owner of Saab cars from the largest possible used car prices will drop.


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