Replacing the GM Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 14:43
The GM torque converter clutch solenoid is basically a hydraulic control valve that is meant to manage the torque converter clutch. It first made its debut in 1980s and since last 30 years various solenoid models were used in all front and rear GM wheel automobiles. When the solenoid wears out it often gets jammed in a closed position, thus locking the clutch when it actually needs to be free. As a result the engine either seizes or often shuts down, along with the engine light to halt. The complexity of replacing the GM torque converter clutch solenoid depends on the transmission type you work on. Here the instructions and procedures in replacement are discussed in detail along with the model types and precautionary measures. The things you need in replacing GM torque converter clutch solenoid are: torque converter solenoid, transmission filter, transmission pan gasket, adequate transmission fluid to replenish the transmission and necessary tools. All these are easily available in the parts store. For a solenoid selection; Rostra brand is recommended. For fast and easy installation purpose this brand is specially meant for after market torque converter clutch replacement, and has great benefits to offer. For replacing GM torque converter clutch solenoid with rear wheel units 700R4, 2004R and 4L60, you have to remove the oil pan of transmission first. It is better to use 2 bolts at slanting opposite ends and then slowly removing them to prevent outpouring of transmission fluid waiver. You should keep sufficient size of holding pan as there will be many transmission fluid quarts to be poured. The previous pan gasket should be removed completely as it will glue to the pan of oil. The leftovers of the gasket should also be cleaned and removed with a gasket scraper. You have to clean the inner part of the oil pan as well, particularly the metallic remains and dirt sticked on its magnet. Now the old filter can be pulled out, as most of the fluid waste is discharged. Do remove the filter neck with seal by reaching in the bore. GM torque converter clutch solenoid can be found close to the transmission below the filter. Remove the 2 bolts of mounting case. As per wiring instructions you have to pre-lube the o-ring seal of solenoid, set the solenoid and insert the bolts back to the case. Fix the new filter with pan gasket and its pan oil. Fill up the transmission to a correct level and test it on road. For replacing GM torque converter clutch solenoid with GM RWD units 4L60E, 4L65E and 4L70E, follow the aforementioned instructions. However, these models have many solenoids. The solenoid is a component of whole inner transmission wiring control. The replacement of the entire control is often considered the best, but there are many GM torque converter clutch solenoid available that can be merged in the entire control. In both the scenarios eliminating the old control is quite easy. Take out the bolts of mount that hold the track to the valve, disengage the connectors from rest of the solenoids, remove the bolts to eradicate old solenoid and then change it in the reverse array. If the replacement procedure of the unit involves big socket to squeeze the plastic locking tabs via a case connector, then press the connector inside to take it out. Pre-lube all the seals of o-rings always and fix the filter gasket with pan. In the replacing procedure of GM torque converter clutch solenoid RWD 4L80E unit, the filter and pan exclusion is similar to what is mentioned above. This solenoid is a can-shaped that fits in the bore in valve body. Take out the connector and retaining clip to free the solenoid. Now change it in the opposite array. FWD TH-125 and 4T60E units of GM torque converter clutch solenoid are positioned below the transmission pan. Remove the parts like air snorkel and the battery tray to reach the pan’s bolts. The pan can be detached to view the valve body with creative moves. The solenoid is held up by 1-2 bolts. Take out the bolts and solenoid and then replace the solenoid valve. Reassemble the solenoid in reverse array as per the wiring instructions given. The filter that is positioned below the bottom pan of a transmission should also be changed along with the solenoid replacement. For the units like FWD 4T40E and 4T65E of GM torque converter clutch solenoid, replacement by professionals is recommended. This is when you don’t have adequate experience, right tools and transmission equipment with you. Often the car’s suspension, sub frame and drive axel need to be detached to have proper access.

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