Range Rover Evoque Audio System

Thu, 08/12/2010 - 20:36

For the new Range Rover Evoque, the company has gone to the British Meridian to provide them with a top-notch sound system.

This new partner ship starts with Evoque, and eventually will result in all Range Rover model to be equipped with a Meridian system.

Meridian offers two setups, a powerful 380W 13-speaker arrangement and a top-of-the-range 825W 19-speaker system, using full surround sound. Both offer amazingly sharp, crystal clear quality. Their RMS (average) power outputs are based on the 0.2 percent Total Harmonic Distortion with Noise (THD+N) rating.

The speakers are tailor-made for the Evoque’s interior. The amps incorporate Meridian’s latest digital processing technology to ensure perfectly optimised sound quality, while both systems feature branded Meridian high-efficiency speakers with lightweight neodymium rare earth magnets for exceptional clarity and dynamics.

For rear-seat passengers, there is a comprehensive entertainment package that features full eight-inch video screens in the front headrests, a dedicated touch-screen remote control and state-of-the-art digital infra-red wireless headphones that provide stunning DVD-level sound quality.

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