Production Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) Confirmed for 2013

Tue, 01/10/2012 - 16:07
Volkswagen (VW) will soon developed Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) for the European automotive market. Volkswagen XL1 is currently under development and machine design improvements. According to Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen XL1 previously introduced in draft form in the event the Qatar Motor Show in January. With a variety of considerations, this XL1 finally ready for production in 2013. Volkswagen VW XL1 will go into production in 2013 in Dresden or Wolfsburg factory. The plan, this car will be powered by an electric motor with a hybrid powertrain and 27 hp 0.8-liter diesel engine with two cylinders which have a combined power 48 hp to 75 hp. Machines used in the Volkswagen XL1 are indeed not a machine that has great power. But the car is claimed to be economical and environmentally friendly Volkswagen and has a fairly light weight, ie 795 kg. This is because the car is coated carbon fiber material, plastic, aluminum, ceramics and magnesium.

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