Porsche Panamera Exceeds Sales Expectations

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 15:08

When Porsche launched their four-door grand tourer Panamera a year ago, many people doubted it. They said why people would spend a big lump of money on a sedan which is ugly as I don’t know and what not, while there’s more fine choices.

And they were kinda right, becasue Panamera is so ugly it can scare off children! But Porsche marketing team had done its job properly before they plan anything.

And it shows, as Panamera sales exceeds all expectations. In its first year, they’ve delivered 22,518 units internationally. It’s an astonishing number given the car’s class, and indeed fat price tag.

In the U.S., where Porsche’s fourth model line was introduced in October of 2009, sales of the Panamera are already at 6,188. In Germany, where the Panamera is built at Porsche’s production facility in Leipzig, 2,530 cars were delivered. These results come as Porsche is enjoying a strong initial customer response to the recently launched V6 Panamera models—a fact that attests to the successful development of an even larger customer segment for this sporty Porsche four door.

In major markets throughout the world, the Gran Turismo has found a large number of fans. As expected, interest in the four-seater is significant in Asia: 300 Panamera models were delivered in Hong Kong, 223 in Tokyo and 188 vehicles were delivered in Shanghai, where the Gran Turismo was initially unveiled in April 2009. Very gratifying figures were also reported by other cosmopolitan cities, such as Dubai (285), Moscow (203), and in Munich (196).

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