Peugeot 208 NCAP Rating

Sun, 01/13/2013 - 03:01

Peugeot 208 gets its five-star safety rating from Euro NCAp in preparation to take the market by storm.

The new hatchback is packed with advanced safety features. Starting with the Access trim entry level model, the 208 is equipped as standard with a high level of equipment: ABS, ESP, six airbags, rear Isofix fixings, speed limiter, front seat belt warning, collapsible steering column, and more.  Its structure also contributes to occupant protection: aluminium absorption beam, very high strength steel (VHSS) and ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) panels.

Smaller cars are usually not considered just as safe as the bigger models. But the raft of new equipments and technologies make sure that is not the case anymore.


Peugeot press release:

The main aim of Project 208 was to design a car that was compact, comfortable, economic and with good road handling.  Bringing all of these criteria together is challenging; however the objective has been achieved! 208 has all of these qualities.

Smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside, the 208 is practical for day to day usage, particularly in an urban environment, while also offering more comfort.  Further advantage comes from this new architecture: the 208 is lighter by 110kg on average compared to the 207, which produces lower CO2 results and excellent fuel consumption. Just as the weight reduction has enabled a reduction in running costs, it also has a positive impact on the safety performance of the vehicle.  Every kilogramme removed corresponds to a reduction in energy to displace.

This year the independent organisation Euro NCAP has introduced a new level of award which makes it even more challenging to obtain high star ratings.

This Euro NCAP result is best proof of the 208’s level of safety protection, both in active and passive conditions. In addition, arranged around elements which play an important role in this area, the re-styled architecture of the driving position makes for safer driving.

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