Overview of the Tesla Roadster Sport 2010 Model

Sat, 07/03/2010 - 10:22

Boasting 288 horsepower with 295 pound-foot of torque from its AC permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. It’s able to achieve an EPA of around 29 kWh for the city and 32 kWh for the highway per 100 miles of travel. Impressively it’s able to achieve 0-60 mph in approximately 4 seconds.

What’s New for the Tesla;

A basic version of the Tesla Roadster will set you back about $110,950 and the Roadster Sport model is basically an upgraded version of this and will cost an extra $19,500 to enjoy what this vehicle has to offer. The major differences between the 2 models is the new drive-train software that has been incorporated within the Sports model and the 375 volt AC electric induction motor which has lower resistance and a higher wind density; this enables the Roadster Sport model to increase the available torque pound-foot ratio from 275 to a more impressive 295. The horsepower on the other hand remains the same for both the base model and the Sport model, outputting quite an impressive 288 horsepower. The suspension now has 3 different position options for the anti-roll bars and 10 available settings to adjust the stiffness, this is all offered by the remote reservoir shock absorbers. The alloy wheels come equipped with Advan A048 tires from Yokohama to enable more grip whilst driving.

What the Tesla Roadster Sport has to offer;

Boasting a 0-60 mph acceleration speed of exactly 4 seconds on the dot, this is quicker than the base Roadster model by 0.1 second, and probably will be the most expensive 0.1 second you will save in your life when comparing each model of the Roadster. A benefit the Sport model receives is that the motor is less likely to overheat due to it being air cooled. It has to be said that one of the best features of this vehicle is its overall appearance, it has an extremely sleek and ergonomic design, while inside it is incorporated with quite an elegant central console; the center console is equipped in all Roadster models.

The Pricing of the Roadster Sport;

The base price point for the Roadster Sport will set you back around $130,450 while if you were to opt for all of the optional extras you will most likely be paying up to a staggering $155,850. Although it has to be said that this is quite an expensive vehicle at the very least you can feel better in knowing the fact that you are doing your part for the environment due to the car not producing any Co2 emissions.

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