#NYIAS15 | 5 trends from the New York Auto Show

Mon, 04/27/2015 - 09:36

Auto Show season may have wrapped up for journalists, but the trends we have seen are just getting their start. This year’s New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) has us excited about some new trends while baffled by others. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to see on the streets…

5 Trends from the New York Auto Show

Expect to see these trends on a street near you

1) Cool concepts in neon colors

Let’s face it, neon colors are so trendy right now, and we love this bold color choice from Honda. Of course, we’re a little biased in favor of the Civic Si (and the Type R which we will finally get in the U.S.!) Would you like to see more neon hues on the road, or is it too much?

#PROTIP: If you want your car to be nuclear green, buy it in a common color and spend the cash on having it vinyl wrapped. That way your trend doesn’t have to hurt the resale of your vehicle!


2) Humongous grilles and emblems

We noticed this trend on the Show floor and couldn’t help but tweet about it. Why so large?? Our best guess is that with the dramatization of the front fascia of today’s stylish rides, it only makes sense to scale the badging with it. That, or the fact that so many cars look alike today this is the best way for consumers to tell them apart without any mistake!

Needs bigger badging. #MercedesBenz #GLE #AMG http://t.co/dmYYtOOrKw pic.twitter.com/qc8ywW9Kjq

— Best Cars Guide (@BeCarChic) April 1, 2015

3) Extreme angles…everywhere

Design seems to have gone from round and swoopy to BAM, angles every which way! Personally, I prefer the more masculine design with defined angles. We have a feeling this trend will last the next few years and then we’ll slowly return to softer corners. Which is more your style?

In case you missed it, the all-new 2016 #LexusRX graced the cover of @AutoWeekUSA. #NYIAS http://t.co/F5k6WrXNf2 pic.twitter.com/3DYKhXvgjs

— Lexus (@Lexus) April 15, 2015

4) Floating rooftops

This cool optical illusion, originally experimented with by MINI on its Coupe, is popping up on everything from mid-size sedans (Nissan Maxima, Kia Optima) to a crossover utes (Mazda CX-3, Lexus RX350). It’s fun to see the creativity that the designers are using to make cars visually different. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish, especially considering the constraints auto designers are under. We like this trend for now, but we’ll see how the customers respond.

We think the new #Mazda #CX3 is both sporty and adorable. How about you? #NYIAS #NYAutoSho… http://t.co/QwUco1C2PN pic.twitter.com/LBdzv0yICw

— Best Cars Guide (@BeCarChic) April 7, 2015

2016 #Lexus #RX350 & #RX450h Hybrid revealed #NYIAS http://t.co/8mxNCLJfXS pic.twitter.com/9wjjzPu9zY

— ActivityVehicle (@ActivityVehicle) April 11, 2015

5) The Color BLUE

BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!And, the “most prevalent trend of them all” award goes to the color blue.MotomanTV and I couldn’t get enough blue this NYIAS. It used to be that buying a blue car was the kiss of death for resale, but not anymore! Blue is back–and it’s being done in a much more, shall we say, refined way than in the 1980’s and 1990’s. We’re seeing electric blues, navy blues, soft blues and ocean-inspired blues.

You've seen the pics but here's the video with @motomanTV! "Lincoln bio." See what we did… http://t.co/6vOpycXdtS pic.twitter.com/mHUzVEQ1Fy

Sneak peek at new #Subaru #BRZ #STI concept. What do you think? #subarunation #WRX http://t.co/awztktfaCN pic.twitter.com/5d3FXwOq0e

Check out the @VW Beetle Denim at #NYIAS! No word on the Acid Wash model… #VWBeetle pic.twitter.com/V9ziTpfqhH

— New York Auto Show (@NYAutoShow) April 2, 2015


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