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Thu, 08/27/2009 - 11:09

Lee Nobel was the man who established Nobel in 1998. Lee Nobel desired to manufacture fast sports cars with high powered vehicle systems. These days, Nobel is a small vehicle manufacturing company which normally produces few cars per year although their produced vehicles bring high quality and excellent performance with fast speed potential.


Quality Vehicles:

Noble Motors started with the M10 which was a two door vehicle without hard tops. This car was developed to achieve high speed as well. And it is housing under the hood and has a powerful 2.51 engine that provide it with the required power and due to this it goes with Lotus Elise. After this they produced Nobel M12 with a Ford V6 engine which gave it 310 hoses and afterwards 250 hoses.


M400 was another popular vehicle which was introduced by Nobel. It had the high speed power and gone from 0-60 in under 2.98 seconds and also made a record that has been verified at 3.3 seconds. The amount of G’s linked with going past 170 mph in the car are expected at almost 1.5, and the power amount under the hood is 405 horses.

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