Nissan Murano CrossCabrio Picture

Thu, 04/15/2010 - 21:03

As Nissan has confirmed it, the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show is where they will finally unveil the long awaited drop-top version of the Murano.

Now if you are thinking what’s the bid deal, that’s probably becasue you are not familiar with the Murano! It is a large SUV, and no one has ever before made a convertible SUV. That’s why it matter so much.

Dubbed the Murano CrossCabriolet, The car will have two doors, rather than the usual four and features a fabric roof. Here’s a very realistic rendering of how the actual car would look like. And to be honest it isn’t half bad! I mean the thrill of drop-top high-ride driving is worth to compromise a bit on the looks.


We still no nothing about the specs and details of the car, but rest assured Nissan has had a tough time refining and adjusting that chassis to cope with the whole cabrioness of the thing!

via: MotorWard

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