Nissan launches #RedThumb campaign against distracted driving

Sat, 12/27/2014 - 07:02
Nissan recently launched its #RedThumb campaign to discourage drivers from multitasking (i.e. texting) while driving. Teamed up with Adam Levine, the famous front man of Maroon 5 and judge on NBC’s The Voice, Nissan released this video and microsite dedicated to the cause. Aside from our obvious reasons for supporting Nissan’s initiative (and our celebrity crush) – and any other manufacturer’s work to combat unsafe driving habits – we find the campaign execution to be simple and straightforward. Image via Based on Steve Babcock’s Red Thumb Reminder campaign, Nissan has taken this grassroots effort to the next level. We applaud Steve, someone who we’ve heard from here on the blog in the past, for his efforts and commitment to the cause. “Remember to put your phone down not just today, but every day,” Levine adds at the end of the video. We couldn’t agree more, Adam. That’s why we hope folks will start with the one-day commitment (that our Distraction Free Fridays campaign asks for) and that it will transform into a permanent habit. Check out Nissan’s #RedThumb campaign here. They’ve already received nearly 4,500 pledges and 23,000 social media mentions. Will you join those pledging to drive distraction free? Will you make your thumb red?

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