Window Tinting Tips and Considerations

Sun, 11/29/2020 - 07:33

Does it surprise you how a simple roll of plastic adhesive can transform the look of your car to something elegant? Window tinting gives your car a sleek, classy finish that is hard to achieve with other car upgrades.

However, most car owners don’t give a second thought of the type of car tint they want installed on their car. Either because they are not aware of the options available or they simply overlook the importance of choosing the right tint for their car. 

Window tints come in different colors and styles. And it is important for you as a car owner to know the best combination for your car. Here are some tips and consideration to check before you tint your car.

1. Know your options

First, gather more information about window tints. Visit workshops and auto repair shops to get an idea of the various types and qualities of window tints available. You can also talk to professionals to have better information. More information will help you make a better decision in choosing the right tint for your car.

2. Window tint quality

Window tints come in different quality levels.

While it is always tempting to go for the cheaper option when buying something, be willing to spend a little extra if you are looking for the best quality window tint.

Top-quality tints are durable and they don’t peel off easily like the average quality tints. Therefore, make sure you get the best quality, for tint that will last.

3. UV protection


When selecting a tint film for your car, ensure that you choose one that offers UV protection. 

Not all tints will filter out the harmful radiation emitted by the sun. This can leave you exposed to cancerous UVA and UVB radiation every time you drive.  Therefore, for the best interest of your health, consider choosing a window tint that protects you from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Know the windows to be tinted

Not all windows require the same level of tinting. For example, your windshield should not be dark as the passenger’s windows because it will be difficult for you to see when driving. Talk to a professional to help you decide which windows are best tinted dark and which ones need to be lighter.

5. Window tinting laws


Before tinting check the state laws on window tinting and the tinting levels allowed. Each state has different window tinting laws. This will save you from constant pullovers and citations by the traffic police. It is important, therefore, to know the requirements of your state to keep you on the right side of the law.

6. Leave it to the professionals

With all the DIY tinting blogs and YouTube videos, it is tempting to try window tinting all by yourself. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with DIY window tinting- from installing incorrect tint levels to creating the annoying water and air bubbles in your tint.

Tinting requires accuracy and precision to get it done right. When installed the wrong way, it can affect the tint film which is unlikely to last long. Some tint jobs are also temperature sensitive which makes it hard for the DIY-ers to achieve the best quality.

Bottom line;

Window tinting is a great option to reduce UV rays, maintain your privacy and give your car a sleek look. We recommend you to check on the above tips when looking to tint your car.

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