New Smart Five-Door For America

Fri, 09/24/2010 - 04:45

smart, the maker of those world famous tiny city cars, has come up with an ingenious solution to improve their condition in the north American market!

They’ve partnered with Nissan, and they’re going to import the new generation of the Micra city car, which is built in Thailand or wherever, to the US, rebadge it as s smart and sell it through their own network. Clever!

They might also add a bot of garnish to the exterior so it looks a bit fancier than the Micra. The car is in the same size as the smart forfour and is currently called smart five-door! Of course it won’t reach the US shores in 15 months so they can come up with a new name in that period.

“We are faced with continuing customer demand fora smart car with more seating capacity,” explained Roger Penske, Chairman of the Penske Automotive Group. “Sales and service of the five seater will be carried out exclusively by our approximately 75 smart dealerships in the United States. Together with Nissan, we will bring tomarket a fully equipped small car for our customers and dealers in the USA. It will fit in well with the smart brand.”

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