New Mercedes S-Class Coupe Is Leaked

Sun, 05/08/2016 - 16:13

It’s becoming more and more difficult for auto manufacturers to keep their new models under wraps until their official debut. Ahead of its official release, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe has seen its unofficial debut on the web, thanks to a handful of leaked company photographs.

The official debut of the 2015 S550 S-Class Coupe is slated for March, where the company will officially reveal the finalized design to an eager public at the Geneva Motor Show. Until then, certain details of the new S-Class Coupe will have to be speculated on, including the price.

The public was first treated to a look at the new Mercedes S-Class when a then-prototype model of the coupe was shown to the public at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The leaked photos indicate that the Coupe will be largely the same as the original concept car, though a keen eye will note the slightly softened lines across the body.

This is the two-door version of the standard Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but despite making concessions on the number of doors, it sacrifices none of the luxury of its larger brethren.

Whats in a Name?

Also of note is the fact that even the name of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe denotes a departure from recent Mercedes-Benz naming conventions; the company’s CL-Class designation was short-lived. It’s a small detail, but may be of note for Mercedes enthusiasts.

The new directions in the Coupe’s design may account for the name change; the car’s distinctive hood and horizontal tail lights set it apart from the company’s other offerings.

Built for Comfort

From bumper to bumper, the Mercedes S-Class Coupe measures in at 197.91 inches, with a width of 74.76 inches. Four adults can be seated comfortably in the Coupe’s utterly luxurious cabin, and a “curve-tilting” feature will ensure a smooth ride; it gives the Coupe the ability to “read the road” and adjust the suspension to compensate for upcoming curves, thereby lessening the impact of the turn on the passengers.

The rear passengers will enjoy individual seats – a design that eschews the common rear bench design seen in most coupes on the road today.

Whats Under the Hood?

The S-Class Coupe sports a powerful engine: a twin-turbo 4.7-liter V8 capable of generating 455 horsepower, with pulling power measuring in at a surprising 516 pound-feet of torque. It goes without saying that this car will have all of the get-up-and-go you might need to outrun a yellow light. The Coupe also sports a seven-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive, which promises to handle well in a variety of road conditions.

The Finer Things

The Coupe sports a full-color, high-resolution heads-up display to provide important information to the driver, along with an audiophile-quality Burmester surround sound system and two 12-inch displays on the dashboard.

There is a host of optional features to choose from as well, including an air filtration system with ionizing and fragrance capabilities, and the special edition of the Coupe will sport headlights with no fewer than 47 Swarovski crystals each. If you want to throw in a cappuccino maker or a cigar humidor, however, you’re on your own.

How Much Will it Cost?

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe is expected to set you back $116,000. This is based on the $117,000 price tag of the previous generation of CL-550 Coupe. This might be a bargain for some, given the car’s luxurious features. What’s clear is that Mercedes-Benz is looking to cement its place in the world as one of the premier designers of luxury automobiles.

The 2015 S550 Coupe is expected to go on sale in the US this fall.

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