New Jaguar XFR-S Is Processing

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 09:08

British car manufacturer, Jaguar and Land Rover (point), reportedly was preparing new sedan-S Jaguar XFR strongest competitor BMW 3 Series. Although not mentioned specifications of the engine, the manufacturer claims it will equip it with advanced technology. Latest Model Jaguar XFR-S is now in the process of production.

Hallmark, asserted that the presence of the latest sedan Jaguar XFR-S as part of a strategy to face competition with other brands from Europe. A number of new models released some luxury brands are now aggressively market surging.

To machine-S Jaguar XFR there is no definite information. However, it is estimated that the car will share the technology with Jaguar XFR, so he assumed would-powered engine to 550 hp.

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