New Fiat Panda Accessories

Sat, 01/12/2013 - 23:15

Giving its customer a greater chance to personalize their new Pandas, Fiat launched a collection of more than 70 new accessories for the car.

The catalogue is split into three parts – Customisation, Utility and Comfort – according to the “Energy, Fun, Pop & Easy” philosophy which characterises the entire Fiat accessories range. AS with the other extra bits and pieces usually included in the accessories catalogs, there are lots of useless rubbish in there, such as stickers, but then there’s also a good number of useful items.

In addition to the factory-fitted accs, Fiat and Mopar have created two packs (Techno and Flex) which offer a set of optional equipment and accessories at a convenient price: 500 euros for each pack. These packs focus more on the practical side of the Panda than the visuals and options.


Details of each part is as follows:


In detail, the Customisation area includes many original products for the new Panda, such as three series of body stickers, 15? diamond-shape alloy rims, lengthwise roof bars, door mirror covers and alloy hub caps in four different colours (silver, beige, red and purple), steel tyre valve caps sporting the Fiat logo and carpet, velvet or rubber mats with three different graphic designs.

All perfectly in tune with the spirit of the new car, some useful accessories have an original design, like the elegant steel clothes hook placed on the head restraint. The long sequence of products for carefree and safe travel spans from a handy pocket behind the driver’s seat to a multimedia adapter kit.  The Fiat Panda accessories include a new ignition key with interchangeable protective covers. Like some mobile phone models, the covers in three different colours (red, silver and beige) – of which one luminescent – can be replaced in an instant to customise the key to match your mood depending on the day.


The “Utility” area includes accessories designed to make short and long trips pleasant and comfortable experiences. For instance, for confidently tackling city traffic the new Panda accessory range includes “Blue&MeTM TomTom © 2? – now also LIVE – device that combines the advantages of an infotainment system integrated with the car and connected to the net with those of a portable navigator, opening the doors to connectivity.  Peace of mind and safety are guaranteed also by a full range of child seats, anti-theft systems, cargo nets and passenger compartment separation grilles for carrying animals, parking sensors and anti-theft wheel bolts.


To satisfy the needs of customers who want to customise their cars even more, the catalogue includes features for enhancing your leisure time, like roof-fitted cargo boxes (360 or 490 litres) and handy protective boot liner. There are bars for carrying bicycles or snowboards/skis (3 or 4 pairs), kayaks and windsurfing boards in total safety, with a touch of extra style and originality.

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