New Chrysler 300C with 8-Speed

Mon, 02/27/2012 - 20:30
New Chrysler 300C will now come with a new engine with the gearbox efficiently. New Chrysler 300C these states have the luxuries that commensurate with the Audi A8, but prices below the Audi A6. New Chrysler 300C will first arrive in the UK in spring 2012. The first variant is offered only with a V6 diesel engine. New styling looks more muscular 300C with chrome-plated front grille and headlights which lies somewhat hidden. The shape is more streamlined grille, LED lights and subtle changes in the back, giving a greater appeal. Under the hood, there is eight-speed ZF gearbox, automatic petrol versions. The same unit that appears in the New Range Rover and Jaguar. However, the diesel version is still using the five-speed automatic transmission. 3.0-liter Multijet engine capable of releasing outputs 236 bhp and 440Nm 550Nm of torque, routed to the four-wheel drive. 39.8mpg and 185g/km emissions levels of C02, clean enough for the size of large cars.

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