New Buick Regal Turbo Adapts to Driver?

Wed, 08/11/2010 - 20:57

Buick is boasting the driving mode selection system they’ve put on the new Regal Turbo as the a system that can adopt to the driver and the road.

That is not entirely true, since this system offers three pre-programmed settings including standard, touring and sport driving styles, each with different chassis setting. So it’s a matter of choice really!

The Interactive Drive Control System changes the Regal Turbo’s driving dynamics by altering suspension, shift pattern and steering sensitivity through the variable effort steering system. The touring setting offers a comfortable, relaxed driving experience for long journeys. The sport setting enhances road-holding capability. And the standard, or default, setting is optimized for all driving situations.

The driver also can personalize the sport setting through the vehicle’s radio configuration menu to allow or disallow for any combination of the three features: steering, suspension or powertrain. If a driver likes the added steering effort but not the firmness of the suspension, he or she can simply turn off the suspension portion.

Then again, it’s not a fully intelligent system and there’s no automatic change in settings based on the condition. It is a great system though which enables you to have fun whenever you’re in the mood and have comfort when you are not!

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