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Yataro Iwasaki established Mitsubishi in 1870 as a shipping company and after that it went into coal mining. Then Mitsubishi began to utilize its own cola to control ships and got numerous shipping and building as well.

Mitsubishi motors produced engines for Japanese Zero during Second World War and helped out Japanese in that period. But Mitsubishi experienced slight problems after Japan lost. In1917, they started over again by introducing Model A which was Japan’s first automobile series production. Mitsubishi continued to produce its manufactures but ended in 1921. In 1937 automobiles were introduced with all wheel drive sedan for military purposes, although it never made out much production. In 1970s, Mitsubishi began to manufacture its vehicles again. Then it introduced small three wheeled cargo vehicles and scoters and some other small sized vehicles. In 1950, United States and Allied powers restricted them to produce new automobiles.

In 1953, Mitsubishi was divided into three splits by Allied powers. One of these splits was Shin Mitsubishi HI which later introduced Mitsubishi 500 and the Kei car and Colt 1000 as well. Another division among three splits had developed their auto departments and finally all splits were arranged into one in 1964. After that Mitsubishi began to manufacture 75,000 Mitsubishi cars per year and raised this ratio with the passage of time.

In 1969, Mitsubishi introduced Gallant which increased their popularity and success as well. Existing Mitsubishi was introduced in 1970s. One of the chief moves of Mitsubishi was the partnership with Chrysler and consequently re branded Gallants which hit U.S. markets and raised its sales as well as productions from 75,000 to 250,000. For the next year it produced one million cars at the same time as its alliance with Chrysler was shortly coming to closing stages as Chrysler was deteriorating. As a result, Mitsubishi started on as Mitsubishi Motors in United States market. After that they continued with 20 dealerships and expand them to 340. In recent times Mitsubishi is capable of producing about 1.5 million vehicles per year. In 1991, Mitsubishi got back its share from Chrysler and became completely self-governing.

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