Mitsubishi i-MiEV Personalization Program

Fri, 01/13/2012 - 10:03

Mitsubishi i-MiEV for those of you who may not know, is an expensive electric car which looks terrible and goes like a turtle. Yet Mitsubishi hopes to sell loads of them to the green people, by making it more of a fashion thing. That’s why thy launched an extensive personalization program for it.

Mitsubishi Motors in the has launched a new web area designed for consumers to visualise a bespoke vehicle. The options are not cheap of course, but if you are planning to by an i-MiEV you wouldn’t mind spending a few more grand making it unique.

The first vehicle in the line-up available for ‘personalisation’ is the very first mass produced pure-EV available to the UK market ? the pinnacle of Mitsubishi Motors’ environmental technology, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.


Here’s the details of this frankly stupid program:

Fashion, Technology and the Environment

After decades of experimentation, innovation and trials, consumers can now buy Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV1 from one of 13 Mitsubishi EV Sales Centres in the UK. The all-electric vehicle provides all the sophistication you would expect from a modern car but it also surpasses its old technology rivals around the environment for which it was built – the twenty-first century urban streets.

More than just a zero-emissions car, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV makes other vehicles blend into the background, it oozes confidence; making both very strong environmental and fashion statements all in one go. In fact, the petrol i-car, upon which the i-MiEV is based, has won numerous awards for its funky, youthful, energetic design.2 In the local UK market, this is sure to appeal to customers for whom the latest technology, environmental considerations, and making a definite fashion statement are at the top of their shopping lists.

The ‘Must-Have’ Accessory Programme

The i-MiEVs will be offered a full range of bespoke accessories to help each car fit the “personality” of its owner – from roof and wing mirror graphics to enhanced audio / MP3 options, leather interiors and environmentally friendly accessories.

The programme will feature many products that have never before been offered by Mitsubishi including partial vehicle body wraps, custom leather and Alston (an innovative new techno-suede) trimmed interiors; as well as further developing some standard products to better reflect the i-MiEV’s green credentials, such as plant resin car mats.

The Graphics

The consumer can click on the array of different designs which will then be shown on the i-MiEV after selecting one of the four different body colours which include Cool Silver, Ocean Blue, Frost White and Amethyst Black. Finally, the application allows the consumer to switch view to see the i-MiEV from a different perspective.

The Packs

The newly launched programme will give the ability for consumers to make their car truly unique with extensive combinations of interior and exterior styles. In order to assist consumers with these choices, we have put together two option packs, but they are not limited to these choices. The Tamashii proposition focuses on the interior of the vehicle and the Sugata pack will apply to the exterior. Both Tamashii and Sugata have been recognised and identified by CAP and Glass’s Guide from February 2011.

Tamashii Pack – Soul Sugata pack – Appearance
Leather Seats High Gloss Tailgate Spoiler
Leather Dashboard Sports Alloys
Leather Steering Wheel & Gear Knob* Leather Dashboard*
Partial Vehicle Wrap Leather Steering Wheel and Gear Knob
Plant Resin Mat Set Partial Vehicle Wrap
Plant Resin Mat Set
Retail Price: £2,999.99 Retail Price £2,499.99
*Including Centre Binnacle if SatNav has been fitted

In addition to the accessories listed above, there are various ICE upgrades available including a KIV 700 Direct iPod/Radio, featuring a 3” TFT Screen, iPod connection and

bluetooth for a retail price of £399.99. A DNX7240BT Multi-media Navigation System which features a 7” Monitor, DVD player navigation, bluetooth built-in, iPod compatible, reverse camera and pre-set London charging points for a retail price of £1799.99.

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