Minor Changes to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Sat, 01/14/2012 - 07:42
The on-going global financial recession has not impeded a steady rise of utilities in UK. There isn’t any single month that would not witness a sneaky plummet in price with gasoline escalation being the root cause. This escalatory trend in the market prompts us to reconsider our choice of a car — definitely a fuel efficient one. To avoid an untoward economic misery we’ll have to adhere to certain saving habits that we can practice at our own. Let’s have a quick appraisal of them: Let’s firstly we take with the car services. The ones who compromise on car services, they not only happen to capitalize at the health of engine but also have to put up with heavy repair work. This is against the spirit of economy. A vehicle that undergoes a periodical servicing, gives you optimum performance with enhanced rate of fuel efficiency. The primary thing that a service involves is the replacement of air filters, mostly filled with unwanted dirt and grit. This should be the regular feature out there. Interestingly, the procedure is not very cumbersome; you just need to burst open the clips there and replace it with the older one. The next is oil change that may cost you somewhat below £50, which can be saved if you are not afraid of lying down for a while and let a little dirt fall over you. It’s about half an hour’s job. Third important thing to notice is that low air pressure in tires involves more friction and hence more fuel consumption, therefore, keep the tires inflated to the required limits. Another very important issue is that of ‘weight’. Any kind of weight that is external to the main frame of your car would be counted as an inhibition to the normal course of car movement. So remove any junk such as brake disks, or any ulterior decoration stuff as this is likely to count down on the smooth, balanced and synchronized movement of your vehicle. Finally, the driving styles: The ones who are smart enough to shift gears properly at right time, they are very much on their way to expect a measure of fuel economy. However, there are still ways to further avoid undue fuel consumption. For example, you can avoid your car to struggle against the air fluffing into your vehicle by closing windows and by putting up with fan and avoiding an air conditioner where there is moderate temperature. However, the rule can be made flexible with the nature of needs arising every now and then. It is to be considered that paying just a little head to the above instructions we are likely to save a reasonable figure of money for nobody wishes to spend money on fruitless ventures.

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