Mini Rocketman Concept debut to Geneva

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 05:52
At the Geneva Motor Show which opens next week, BMW Group will present a premium small car concept, the MINI is named Rocketman. Mini concept presented by mating elements of a classic Mini with the latest technology and design trends of today and future. All that can be seen from the appearance of the car intact. A new concept in exterior design is expected to give new breath to the Mini which is targeted to be part of the lifestyle of people in major cities in the future. 3-Door For the interior, the Mini calls its new configuration with 3 + 1. The Plump whose length is only 3.419 meters, was designed with three doors, two on the side and one behind. The back door, unique design, consisting of two parts, a wider opening to the top and a small section (below) opens to the outside. No less interesting is the concept of opening a side door with two hinges at the front. By nini, doors could open wider, easier passenger and the driver went into the interior. Another new technology is a space frame construction of carbon that can be seen directly from outside the car, especially from the front. With this addition the weight of the car so light. Mini target, fuel consumption is only 3 liters for 100 km or 33 km / liter. Great! Appearance of this little more stylish and sporty 18-inch wheels plus a large round headlights, a typical feature of the classic Mini – brings together all the lights, the main and sein. Chromed grille around to reinforce the impression of the Mini is exclusive. Behind., All the lights are also united, namely, brake, sein and backward and using LED technology. The most interesting of all is, a transparent roof that can generates light to form the British flag, Union Jack. 3D Graphics Interior, seats are designed with the settings for a couple of positions. The goal, so the owner can gets a comfort when a car carrying two or three or up to four people. Leather interior plus a combination of certain surfaces with glossy paint with arm rests with a special paper strip. Features technology interesting today is the trackball on the steering wheel, speedometer with 3D graphics affects

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