Mazda2 13C-V Smart Edition released in Japan

Tue, 06/05/2012 - 01:36
Mazda2 13C-V Smart Edition was officially released in Japan. The latest generation of Mazda hatchback is known as the Demio in their country of origin (Japan). Mazda2 13C-V Smart Edition is not much changed in appearance. The most striking changes are on the exterior and the consumption of more fuel-efficient. Mazda2 13C-V Smart Edition is now more aerodynamic because it has a rear roof spoiler made ??more duck. This feature can improve fuel economy up to 0.4 km / l, from 20.2 km / l to 20.6 km / l. The results obtained after testing a vehicle under the JC08 Japan. For fuel efficiency, Mazda2 13C-V Smart Edition has qualified 50 percent reduction in vehicle acquisition program and the tax burden from Japan Eco-Tax Reduction. In addition to design changes on the rear roof spoiler, Mazda2 13C-V Smart Border Edition offers Black color upholstery and two new color Stormy Blue Mica and the Clear Water Blue Metallic.

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